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Air Ventilator
  Air Ventilator is a superior quality. These¬† ventilation systems have special design that allows free flow of air and prevents the entry of water, dust and other pollutants. The system also reduces condensation and mildew. Easy to install, such systems act as a guard against weather and dirt infiltration
Turbo Air Ventilator
  Picture 1   We manufacture a wide range of Turbo Air Ventilator to meet the requirement of hotel industry. These Turbine Air Ventilator absorbs hot air, moisture, dust, foul smell, and smoke from kitchen chimneys of hotels. Moreover we offer Turbine Air Ventilator round the clock and through out the year. It is known for features like low power consumption and low maintenance.
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  Uses :    
  Turbo Air Ventilators are specially suitable for Industrial Shades & Factories, Refinery, Ware Houses, Poultry Farm, Godowns, Forness Founders, Plywood Industries, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Paint Industries etc.
Air Ventilator
  Picture 1   We offer Industrial Roof Ventilators that are economic and very easy to install. The Ventilators are in high demand because they are environment friendly. These industrial roof ventilators cut air conditioning cost. The PTFE self lubricated bearing in these ventilators ensure durability and friction free turning.
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  Features :    
  • Prolong life of insulation, shingles, roofing material
  • Smooth & quite operations
  • Ribbed design adds strength
  • Precision balanced, low inertia head design, turns in the slightest breeze
  • Low profile design, does not interfere with architectural aesthetics
Roof Air Ventilator
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  We offer a precision-engineered range of Turbo Air Ventilator which is fabricated using quality raw material. These are tested for ensuring superior quality, durability and high performance in the extreme temperature conditions. Raw material and parts that are fitted in our ventilators are testes, treated and assembled as per the latest industry standards. Specially designed aerodynamic vanes of these turbines are manufactured using Aluminum /SS. We also design double curved vanes for assuring maximum weather durability, maximum wind driven efficiency and performance of exhaust suction. These vanes prevent water entering the turbine by means if under groves that are provided for water spill deflection.
Wind Air Ventilator
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  We manufacture a vast range of industrial air ventilators like wind turbine ventilators which is fabricated from quality raw material to ensure that they are non corrosive and highly efficient. Our unit makes use of potential and kinetic energy which is concealed in the wind. They are efficient in dispersing these gases at long distances & at high elevations. These find application in many industries and production factories for emitting the gases and pollutants through industrial air ventilator.
  Features of Industrial Air Ventilator:
  • Resistant to stress
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Resistant to high speed of wind
  • Efficient even without fast blowing wind
  • Environment friendly
  • Non corrosive
Roof Top Air Ventilator
  Picture 1   We manufacture Roof Top Ventilator - essentially turbine air ventilator, which have epoxy coating aluminum parts. These are available in different sizes to suit application. The roof top ventilators are ideal for areas that encounter corrosive elements. We offer cost effective roof top ventilators and support clients with custom made products.
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Aluminium Roof Ventilator
  Picture 1   We manufacture, supply & export Aluminium Roof Ventilator for use in industries, factories and workshops. These are energy efficient and can be procured at competent price from us.
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Powder Coated Air Ventilator
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